The event will be run to the same format as a normal BMX race event, BUT riders will be grouped by school year to make it easy for kids and schools to understand, rather than UCI age.

The available Year Groups are as follows:

  • Year 4 Mixed
  • Year 5 Girls
  • Year 5 Boys
  • Year 6 Girls
  • Year 6 Boys
  • Year 7 Girls
  • Year 7 Boys
  • Year 8 Girls
  • Year 8 Boys


Each school year group will be split into “motos” as per the normal BMX format. A moto is the "racing" you are in when the total number of riders in your class are split into sets of eight to race. If there are fewer than eight, there is one race; if there are more, riders are split as best as possible in event sets with as many riders up to eight in a moto. For example, if there are 12 riders in a class, there will be two motos of 6 riders. If there are 24 riders, there would be three motos of eight riders.

These motos are then raced over seven rounds, where the riders in the motos will be randomly mixed each time they race. Each moto result will attract points, and the points will be added up to determine the overall point winner. There are no finals or qualifications.

The aim here is to allow riders to grow in experience through the day & keep working on advancement in their standing. We have removed finals, as finals racing creates heartbreak outcomes that we need to move away from in this school learning situation.


Points will be given for finishing position each race. A rider's final standings will be a total of the points gained in the day, and the rider with the lowest point tally takes the top ranking.

The points are calculated as follows:

  • 1st - 1 point
  • 2nd - 2 points
  • 3rd - 3 points
  • 4th - 4 points
  • 5th - 5 points
  • 6th - 6 points
  • 7th - 7 points
  • 8th - 8 points

Any draws/tie/equal point will be broken by a “countback.” A countback is where a decision is based on the last moto rider positions. The rider with the better position takes the higher final position. Countback can keep going backward until a tie is broken.


There will be three school-focused events: the North and South Island events, followed by the Schools Nationals. The North & South events will be limited to riders from schools in that island & aim to be held on the same weekend in each island. The Island events will be early in the school year and the National event late year.


At the end of the racing, the five lowest individual point tallies from each school will be totaled to find the winning school of the BMX Schools Challenge. The school will be awarded the Event trophy for a year, which is returned to be challenged for again the following year. As all participants should be recognized as a team & work towards a common goal for their school. Schools with fewer than five riders could be combined with another school/s to build a team of 5 or more. Should the rider numbers at the event be small, the number of riders needed per school can be dropped to a suitable level to get the total/final school points outcome.


Other than the overall school trophy, all riders will be presented with a BMXNZ event participation medal across all schools events. The top three for each age will be presented with an award plate for 1st/2nd/3rd.


School-branded jerseys are required to be worn. Jerseys must be long sleeve to cover the forearms and elbows. BMXNZ can arrange to have jerseys made to the school's branding. These will be at the cost of the school.


Where possible BMX bikes should be recommended. Allowance for any bike type should be offered as long as they fit into the BMXNZ safety standards. See your local BMX club for possible rentals members with bikes that could be loaned.


BMXNZ has a range of tracks in New Zealand, tracks used for schools racing have been chosen to be usable and accessible for new riders. The key purpose in mind, pulling schools and new riders on board.


Please see the Health & Safety guide for more information on protection gear required, also the code of conduct within BMX.


If there are enough teachers interested, we will run a teachers race!!